Specialties: Music, Law, Marketing

Types of editing:  Substantive, Copy, Proofreading, Permissions


Satisfied clients Include:  

The Royal Conservatory of Music (publishing branch) – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WordsWorth Communications – Toronto, Ontario

Eden Production – Toronto, Ontario


What they’re saying about Christopher the editor and communicator…

As the manager of WordsWorth Communications, the editorial and production services provider of Emond Montgomery Publications, it is with pleasure to provide a reference for Chris Pavlov.

I supervised Chris in his capacity as permissions editor. He was responsible for applying for and receiving permission to reproduce text extracts in casebooks. He identified permissionable material in manuscript, contacted copyright holders and sought permission, and compiled and maintained a complete list of contacts, costs, and permission requirements. At the conclusion of each project, he submitted an electronic and hard-copy record of the permissions file.

Finding the copyright holder is not always straightforward — as time passes and as publishers are bought and sold, copyright holders change. Chris often had to find and contact two or three likely candidates before reaching the real copyright holder. As well, on one particularly long-running, daunting project (Immigration and Refugee Law: Cases, Materials, and Commentary), he supplied me with regular updates of permissions costs, and was able to negotiate reductions with copyright holders, for which I was very grateful.

A permissions editor must be organized and methodical and he must be persistent and, as occasion requires, imaginative. Chris performed his job well and was courteous, professional, and friendly in all his communications.

Mr. Jim Lyons
WordsWorth Communications
Toronto, Ontario


Christopher Pavlov hired me as a production editor to facilitate the Royal Conservatory of Music’s publishing branch’s publication of a series of nine guitar books and a syllabus.

From the outset, I admired his demeanor and attitude. During my interview, he displayed a focused approach to the project. He provided me with concrete information (schedules, correspondence, examples, etc.), stated his expectations clearly, and imparted a confidence in my abilities. When I was given the contract, I knew that I would enjoy working with this competent, amiable person.

We met and talked frequently over the course of the project. The work entailed a massive amount of written and verbal communication. Christopher’s guidance in this area helped me immeasurably. He gave me clear direction and shared valuable strategies on keeping the project’s team members on track.

The bringing together of the various components of the Guitar Series involved a great degree of organization and creativity.

I recommend Christopher Pavlov to any company that is looking for someone to fill a leadership role. I am sure that he will bring to that position the appropriate balance of intelligence and sensitivity.

Mrs. Paula Pike
Founder, Owner, President
WordsWorth Communications
Toronto, Ontario


I have known Chris Pavlov since 1987. We first worked together on the recording of The Harris Guitar Method, a publication of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s (Toronto, Canada) publishing subsidiary. I provided the production and technical support, Chris was the Project Manager, Editor.

In 1992, I signed on to the roster of Chris’s new business, the Pavlov Agency. He represented me to the film and television industry from March ’92 to March ’97 on a nonexclusive basis.

He has the ability to take initiative and challenge the status quo for the better.

I have always found him thorough, straightforward and easy to work with.

Mr. Mychael Danna
Film Composer
Los Angeles, CA, USA


Christopher Pavlov provided marketing research services to Eden Production for ten months. He spoke with a significant number of potential clients in southern Ontario. He enquired about their web-site development requirements and discussed how Eden’s services would meet their needs.

Mr. Ben Ramedani
VP, Information Technology
Eden Production
Toronto, Ontario


Chris Pavlov represented me as a composer in the television/film industry between the years 1996-2002. In addition, he helped me to market one of my CDs. Chris’ enthusiasm for various projects of mine was always matched with his great pragmatic skills: Chris carefully thinks things through and creatively, from many angles. I very much enjoyed working alongside an agent who has personal vision, and is also very collaborative in his approach.

Chris is extremely clear in his written/oral communication, and is a most sincere and trustworthy individual. I cannot think of a moment that I did not fully trust Chris. Indeed, there was never a hidden meaning or intention in his communication with me or, or in how he represented me.

It was a pleasure to be represented by Chris, a person who is, himself, artistic, and can clearly see the needs of those he represents. I would be pleased to hire Chris again if the need should arise, and it is always a pleasure to recommend him to others.

Mr. Brian Katz
Musician, Composer
Faculty of Music
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario


It has been my pleasure to know and work with Mr. Chris Pavlov in his capacity as Associate Editor of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s publishing branch for nearly three years. I have come to admire his fine and meticulous attention to detail; his commitment to superior product quality; and his dedicated approach to the work he undertakes.

Chris Pavlov has many outstanding qualities which would make him a most valuable partner, including his highly-efficient organizational skills, his creative and enquiring mind, and a warm, engaging personality, which enables him to maximize the abilities and potential of his colleagues and co-workers. He is a strongly self-motivated individual, with well-developed interpersonal skills.

I know that he will be a very positive asset to any enterprise; and I am extremely pleased to recommend him most highly to you.

Maestro Voltr Ivonoffski
Music Director & Conductor
Toronto, Ontario


I have known Mr. Pavlov for eighteen months and worked with him for a year, primarily on two publishing projects. We jointly produced a syllabus and nine graded volumes of related classical music for the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. In relation to these projects, my job at the Royal Conservatory was to coordinate manuscript development. Mr. Pavlov managed the projects for the publishing branch of the RCM.

Mr. Pavlov has strong interpersonal skills and relates readily and well with people of varied backgrounds found at this institution (academics, performers, editors and clerical staff). He is a model of organization.

His performance on the projects with which I am familiar was imaginative, in that he was able to modify the project plans to accommodate unforeseen events. He is determined to meet goals according to prior arrangements and gets results by being persistent without being annoying.

I observed Mr. Pavlov coordinating several freelance editors, and frequently reviewed his writing and editing. He is scrupulouly fair in his dealings with freelance editors and is a careful and deliberate writer who expresses himself clearly. His music and text editing are highly developed.

Overall, Mr. Pavlov is an extremely effective manager, writer and editor.

Dr. Don Anderson
Former Editor
Royal Conservatory of Music
Toronto, Ontario


I am grateful to Christopher Pavlov, project editor, for his valuable suggestions and scrupulous standards in the publication of The Harris Guitar Method.

Mr. Peter Smith
Guelph, Ontario


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