about Christopher Pavlov…

– performs as a pianist, organist, music director and conductor

– writes about music and publishing issues

– edits music and text

– former editor with the publishing branch of the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, Canada

– former representative for Canadian composers and arrangers


Over the span of thirty years Christopher has brought the enriching power of music to churches, retirement centres and hotels.  He writes about what’s new in the music and publishing industries in his blog, and how to improve performance.

For seven years the Pavlov Agency promoted the innovative work of composers and arrangers to the film, television, recording and publishing industries. The company helped to increase the exposure of such composers as:  Michael Conway Baker, Mychael Danna, Brian Katz, Jim McGrath and Wendy Watson.  It had the good fortune to work with the late Milton Barnes and Harry Freedman.

Christopher spent four years as an editor with the publishing branch of the Royal Conservatory of Music. He worked on such acclaimed publications as the Celebration Series® and the Guitar Series.

He taught piano practicum and theory with the Yamaha School of Music, (Excel Music Centre) for two years.

Christopher is a graduate of the Faculty of Music at Western University. He studied with the British Pianist, Peter Katin and the American Conductor, Deral Johnson.

The Stanford Professional Publishing Course provided an international arena for Christopher to study new marketing, production and management tactics.

As past president and former webmaster of The Federation of Advocates for the Developmentally Disabled, an Ontario volunteer lobby group for families with a family member who has a developmental disability, he continues to speak out on this cause.

To keep a balanced perspective on life, you will find Christopher on the ski slopes where he is a certified instructor and coach with the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation, respectively.


What they’re saying about Christopher the volunteer:

Chris Pavlov joined the Federation of Ontario Facility Liaison Groups (FOFLG) in the early ’90s.  The FOFLG is a volunteer lobby organization. Our goal is to improve the care and services provided for developmentally disabled persons in Ontario, Canada. Members live in the southern, eastern and central regions of Ontario.

In September 1996, members elected Chris vice-president of the FOFLG. In September 2001, Chris accepted the nomination for co-president. Chris was elected president in October 2002.

Chris Pavlov’s contributions to the FOFLG include:

– considerable correspondence to MPPs, government officials and agencies

– presentations to Minister’s Advisory Committee meetings (Minister of Community, Family and Children’s Services)

– presentations to government standing committees and to agencies

Chris is able to clearly communicate our organization’s position and make appropriate and knowledgeable replies to questions–even unexpected ones.

Chris’ writing style is thorough, to the point and organized.

His public relations ability is excellent.

As one of the younger members of the FOFLG, others look to him for new strategies to advance our cause. He has played a major part in keeping the organization current and vibrant.

Ms. Janet Allingham
Former President
Federation of Ontario Facility Liaison Groups
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I have known Chris Pavlov since September, 1996. He and I have been associated through our work as advocates for developmentally disabled people.

Chris was Vice-President of the Federation of Ontario Facility Liaison Groups from September 1996 to September 2001 and has been Co-President since then. I was President of the Federation from September 1997 to September 2001.

The Federation is an umbrella organization for the Regional Associations which represent the residents/clients of Ontario’s Regional Centres and a Community-based Agency.

I have found Chris to be a dedicated, hard-working member of the Federation’s Executive and a strong advocate for the developmentally disabled. I consider Chris to be a thoughtful, caring person with high standards of integrity and honesty and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a person who will work with a high level of competence and achieve any agreed-to objective.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to express my high regard for Chris.

Mr. Karl McDonald
Past President
Federation of Ontario Facility Liaison Groups
Ottawa, Ontario


It has been a pleasure to be associated with Chris Pavlov for a considerable length of time. I have always found Chris to be dedicated to whatever task he was assigned.

He was Board Secretary of the Families’ Association of Midwestern Regional Centre from April 1996 to February 1999 while I was President.

Midwestern Regional Centre (MRC) was at the time a residence for developmentally disabled people operated by the Ontario Government. The association represented the families of the residents.

Chris was always industrious and persistent in the projects that he worked on. We renewed the association by electing a new executive and writing a new constitution. Chris was instrumental throughout this collaborative and creative process.

He was so conscientious that he was able to arrange a meeting with the Minister of Community and Social Services, Ms. Janet Ecker. At this meeting the board presented our concerns to the Minister about the planned closure of the facility.

I would heartily reommend Chris for any undertaking he agreed upon.

Mr. Graydon Hulse
Former President
Families’ Association of MRC
Toronto, Ontario

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