Berlin Philharmonic’s new maestro: did they ask the ticket buyers?

Did you follow the Berlin Philharmonic's process for selecting a new conductor?  It's been called a conclave because of the secrecy it's shrouded in.  After eleven hours of voting there was no "white smoke."  Berliners speculated that someone may have, God forbid, declined the job!  One usually doesn't say no to the BP.

In the end, the ballots favoured Kirill Petrenko.

The conclave approach is intriguing and it's a good marketing because it attracts lots of attention, but did anyone think of asking the ticket buying public who they would like to see as maestro?


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Do you have a hot piano?

No, not that type of hot.

We mean hot as in DRY!  Wood and direct heat, especially when we're talking about musical instruments, don't mix.

It's surprising how often we see an acoustic piano sitting over or near a heat source.  If that's your situation, it's time for a move.  The inconvenience of moving the piano is minor when compared to fixing a cracked soundboard!

P.S.  Add a humidifier during the winter for added peace of mind.

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