Give it a rest

Musicians need a rest.

Listeners need a rest.

A religious liturgy or service does not need wall-to-wall music all the time.  It can be quite refreshing to have no music.  So, give your choir the summer off.  They’ll come back with a new appreciation for their art.  Their vocal cords will thank you.

Congrats catch up

Congrats to…

Maestro James Sommerville on your tenure with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.  What an exceptional sound you created with these talented players.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive on your induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Mss. Tegan and Sara Quin on your Juno Awards.  Your class and poise at the 2014 fete will take you far.

P.S.  Here’s more evidence that J.S. Bach really did invent rock ‘n’ roll.